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Online casinos that support Chilean Peso (CLP)

Chile is a country where the gambling business is under strict state control. Judge for yourself: ten years ago only 8 casinos functioned in the state! Today, the minimum distance between gambling establishments in Chile must be at least 60 kilometers. Moreover, the casinos themselves have certain restrictions on the game plan.

All this stimulates the inhabitants of Chile to move to the Internet. Here you can spend your leisure time with passion freely, without restrictions and without leaving your home. Due to the increase in the number of Chileans who play in online casinos, gambling companies have begun to introduce the Chilean peso as one of the gaming currencies. This practice is not yet widespread, but still the situation with this currency is better than it was several times ago.

So if you want to play for Chilean pesos, just open your browser and go! On this page, you can find casinos that accept this currency and have a good reputation among players.

How to start playing for Chilean pesos at an online casino

The modern Internet allows anyone to play in a Chilean casino, but this solution can hardly be called optimal for a resident of the CIS. A much more suitable option is to spend time in a European network institution that supports this currency. Here you will receive a higher level of service, and you can always get adequate feedback.

Before depositing money into your account, make sure that the casino has a license. You can either search for this data on the site yourself, or contact the administration. Also, check the reviews of the casino and make sure that the payment systems that it uses are suitable for you. After that, you can freely spend time in the casino, since the game on the Chilean peso differs from other currencies only in “near-game” moments.

About Chilean Pesos

Pesos were first used in Chile starting in 1817. In 1959, this currency was replaced by the excudo. The reason is huge inflation. The peso regained its position in 1975.

One unit of Chilean money consists of 100 centavos. The smallest denomination is 500 pesos, the largest is 20 thousand. A distinctive feature of the money of Chile is that coins in denominations of 500 pesos are used in everyday life. The peso exchange rate is not attached to anything today - the currency is in a floating state. Collapse

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