Developers threaten review site Bigwinboard. There is a suspect

September 23rd, major slot review site Bigwinboard posted a report that a couple of developers are trying to influence them and threatening them. No details yet, but there is at least one very likely suspect.

Recently, a couple of ISPs have gotten into the habit of trying to intimidate us. They are either trying to silence us with direct threats, or they are trying in other ways to make our job harder. Eventually, it will all be made public. We appreciate everyone's support.

As of recent, a couple of providers have taken on the habit of trying to push us around. They either try to silent us through direct threats or in other ways try to make our job harder. It will all be made public eventually. We appreciate everyone’s support.

— (@bigwinboard) September 23, 2020

In a later tweet, the site said it had received legal threats.

It's great to see that the industry has come to our support by offering the help of their lawyers and supporting us when we receive legal threats! There are some spoiled apples in this industry, but there are also those who work hard to improve their reputation!

Attempted bribery

Even earlier there were reports that they were trying to bribe. If we connect one with the other, then we can conclude that the developers first wanted to bribe the site for good reviews, and then began to threaten.

A friendly reminder to all game providers - we don't work for you. We are here for the players. If you want to pay someone to fake praise for your games or have them pretend to be fans of your games while streaming, we're sure you'll have endless options...

A friendly reminder to all the game providers — we’re not here for you. We are here for the players. If you want to pay someone to fake praise your games or to pretend on stream that they're fans of your games, we're sure you have endless of options to choose from out there…

— Bigwinboard. com (@bigwinboard) September 21, 2020


Who could threaten a site that writes its honest opinion about slots? The main suspect is the GameArt developer. And while he is the only one, despite the fact that there are at least two "heroes".

This developer has been blacklisted on Bigwinboard for his dark deeds. On September 19, a message appeared on the site that a joint slot by GameArt and streamer Roshtein, Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways, is coming out. And that there will be no review, since these are two deceivers. The message about the bribery attempt appeared on 21 September. Reporting Threats – 23 September. So far everything points to them.

Such behavior would harmoniously complement the portrait of the developer. There are proven facts in the past that they have rigged the demo modes of their games, as well as that they have made false claims that they have an MGA license.

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